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Better Food for a Better World

Happy Veggie World supplies meat alternatives to food-conscious eaters and eateries across Canada. Our ingredients are the delight of prepare-it-yourself foodies; our pre-made meals make restricted diets burst with flavour; and our community of restaurants and retailers keep coming back for product that’s consistently sensational.


From simple ingredients to sumptuous meals, Happy Veggie World can make your health- and world-conscious lifestyle easy and your dinner delicious.

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The Happy Veggie World community is a diverse bunch. Some buy our products to make a statement against animal cruelty and deforestation. Some as a way of expressing their religious beliefs. And some just want to supplement their meat-inclusive diet with healthier options. But all our customers come together in their love of good food.

It’s our goal to continue providing ways for people to not only enjoy what they eat, but to enable their fulfilling life choices.

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